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16 Fun Facts About Newark Ohio

Newark, Ohio, a small city with a big heart, is filled with interesting history, unique attractions, and charming quirks. Whether you’re a resident or planning a visit, here are 16 fun facts about Newark that will leave you amazed and eager to explore this hidden gem in the Buckeye State.

  1. Ancient Earthworks: Newark is home to the Newark Earthworks, an impressive complex of ancient Native American mounds that dates back over 2,000 years.
  2. World’s Largest Basket: The Longaberger Company, based in Newark, is famous for its handcrafted baskets, and their former headquarters building is an enormous seven-story replica of a basket.
  3. Glass Capital of the World: Newark has a rich glassmaking heritage and was once known as the “Glass Capital of the World” with several prominent glass manufacturing companies calling the city home.
  4. Birthplace of the Hula Hoop: The iconic hula hoop was invented in Newark in 1958 by Richard Knerr and Arthur “Spud” Melin of the Wham-O company.
  5. Historic Courthouse: The Licking County Courthouse, a magnificent Second Empire-style building, was constructed in 1876 and is a stunning architectural gem.
  6. Home of George Bellows: Newark is the birthplace of George Bellows, a renowned American realist painter known for his captivating urban scenes and boxing-themed artwork.
  7. Cherry Valley Lodge: Located in Newark, the Cherry Valley Lodge is a unique resort featuring a tropical-themed indoor water park, making it a favorite destination for families.
  8. The Works: This interactive science and history museum in Newark offers engaging exhibits, a planetarium, and hands-on activities for visitors of all ages.
  9. Flint Ridge: Just outside Newark, Flint Ridge is a historical site known for its abundant colorful flint deposits, which were highly valued by Native American cultures for making tools and weapons.
  10. Newark Earthworks State Memorial: Recognized as a National Historic Landmark, the Newark Earthworks State Memorial showcases the incredible engineering skills of ancient civilizations.
  11. Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve: Nature lovers can explore the scenic Blackhand Gorge, a picturesque sandstone gorge carved by the Licking River, offering hiking and biking trails.
  12. Annual Strawberry Festival: Newark hosts an annual Strawberry Festival, a beloved tradition celebrating the city’s agricultural heritage with delicious strawberry treats and live entertainment.
  13. Licking County Historical Society: The Licking County Historical Society operates multiple museums and historic sites in Newark, preserving the city’s rich heritage.
  14. Newark Mausoleum: The Woodland Cemetery in Newark is home to a stunning mausoleum designed by renowned architect Frank Packard, showcasing architectural beauty and historical significance.
  15. Dawes Arboretum: Just a short drive from Newark, Dawes Arboretum offers a serene escape with beautiful gardens, nature trails, and a diverse collection of trees and plants.
  16. Homestead Beer Company: Craft beer enthusiasts can enjoy locally brewed ales and lagers at Homestead Beer Company, a Newark-based brewery known for its handcrafted beverages.

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