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10 Weird Laws in Wyoming

Every state has its fair share of strange laws, and Wyoming is no exception. While most laws are designed to maintain order and protect the well-being of its residents, some regulations seem to defy logic and leave us wondering how they came into existence. Join us on a journey through the quirky side of Wyoming’s legal framework as we uncover ten of the most bizarre laws in the state. Brace yourself for a blend of humor, confusion, and utter disbelief as we dive into these unusual regulations.

1. No Photographing Rabbits from January to April

In Wyoming, it is illegal to take pictures of rabbits between the months of January and April without an official permit. Though the reasoning behind this law remains a mystery, perhaps the rabbits needed a break from the paparazzi!.

2. Tying a Cow to a Telephone Pole

If you plan on hitching your bovine companion to a telephone pole in Wyoming, think again. It is illegal to tie your cow to a telephone pole or streetlamp within the city limits. Keep those wandering cows in check!

3. Frowning at a Police Officer in Wyoming Can Get You Arrested

Wyoming takes its law enforcement seriously, so much so that it is against the law to frown at a police officer. While we all have bad days, make sure to keep a straight face when an officer is nearby in the Cowboy State.

4. Illegal Fishing from a Giraffe’s Back

Should you find yourself in Wyoming with a giraffe as your loyal steed, keep in mind that fishing from its back is strictly prohibited. The image of someone angling while perched atop a towering giraffe is undoubtedly amusing, but it’s best to find a more conventional spot for your fishing endeavors.

5. No Taking Pictures of Game Animals While in a Moving Vehicle

While capturing breathtaking photos of Wyoming’s wildlife is undoubtedly tempting, doing so while in a moving vehicle is illegal. For the sake of both safety and respecting the local laws, pull over and savor the beauty of the state’s majestic creatures.

6. Wyoming’s Outhouse Regulations

Wyoming has specific regulations in place for the construction and maintenance of outhouses. These include the requirement of a half-moon-shaped hole in the door, a view of the horizon, and a maximum distance of 200 yards from any dwelling. Leave no outhouse stone unturned in the Cowboy State!

7. Prohibition of Photographing People with a Mustache

An intriguing law in Wyoming states that it is illegal to photograph a person with a mustache without their permission. So, remember to ask for consent before capturing that marvelous mustachioed moment!

8. It’s Illegal to Own More than Two Cars that Don’t Run

If you’re a car enthusiast living in Wyoming, be aware that you can’t own more than two cars that are unable to run. Whether it’s a project vehicle or a nostalgic relic, you’ll need to keep your non-operational car collection in check.

9. No Wyoming Residents Allowed to Take Pictures of UFOs

Wyomingites might be keeping some interesting secrets about unidentified flying objects, as it is illegal for residents to take pictures of UFOs within the state. Is it an attempt to keep the truth hidden, or a quirky law meant to preserve residents’ sanity?

10. Wyoming Residents Cannot Ride a Horse While Intoxicated

While Wyoming’s cowboy culture is deeply ingrained, riding a horse while intoxicated is against the law.

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