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1753 Bachmann Publick House In Easton PA

Nestled in the heart of the charming town of Easton, Pennsylvania, stands the remarkable 1753 Bachmann Publick House. With its beautifully preserved architectural details and compelling historical significance, this iconic structure invites visitors to step back in time and explore the captivating stories of America’s colonial era. Serving as a witness to centuries of change, the Bachmann Publick House has become a cherished destination for history enthusiasts, offering a truly immersive experience into the past.

A Storied Past

Built in 1753 by John Joseph Henry, the Bachmann Publick House has stood the test of time, retaining its original character and charm. It served as a vital hub for the community, offering not only shelter and sustenance but also serving as a social gathering place. Over the years, the house witnessed significant events, including the tumultuous times of the American Revolution, making it a significant historical landmark.

Architectural Marvel

The Bachmann Publick House showcases outstanding Georgian-style architecture, characterized by its symmetrical design, distinctive red brick façade, and elegant woodwork. Visitors will marvel at the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail displayed throughout the building, from the graceful exterior to the period-inspired interior furnishings. Each room tells a story, giving visitors a vivid glimpse into the lives of the people who once inhabited this remarkable house.

Immersive Historical Experience

Walking through the doors of the Bachmann Publick House is like stepping into the 18th century. The museum staff, dressed in authentic colonial attire, warmly welcome visitors and guide them on an immersive journey through history. As you wander through the rooms, you’ll encounter fascinating exhibits, interactive displays, and knowledgeable guides who bring the past to life with tales of colonial life, historical events, and notable figures associated with the house.

Special Exhibitions and Events

The Bachmann Publick House continually strives to enrich the visitor experience by organizing special exhibitions and events throughout the year. These captivating displays shed light on specific aspects of colonial life, such as early American craftsmanship, cooking traditions, or even the role of the Bachmann Publick House during the Revolutionary War. Visitors can immerse themselves in the era through hands-on activities, workshops, and historical reenactments.

Preserving the Legacy

The preservation and restoration efforts undertaken by dedicated individuals and organizations have ensured that the Bachmann Publick House stands as a testament to the rich history of Easton and the nation. By meticulously maintaining the house’s original features and artifacts, future generations can continue to learn from and appreciate this extraordinary historical gem.


The 1753 Bachmann Publick House stands proudly as a living testament to the colonial era and offers an unforgettable journey into the past. As visitors explore the carefully preserved rooms, listen to captivating stories, and immerse themselves in the rich history, they gain a profound understanding of the early American experience. With its architectural splendor and immersive exhibits, the Bachmann Publick House remains a cherished destination, inviting us to connect with our roots and appreciate the transformative power of history.

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