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20 Fun Facts About Billings Montana

Billings, Montana, also known as the “Magic City,” is the largest city in the state of Montana and a hub for tourism, business, and culture. If you’re planning a trip to Billings, or if you’re just curious about this unique city, here are 20 fun facts to help you get to know Billings a little better.

  1. Billings was named after Frederick Billings, the president of the Northern Pacific Railroad, which played a significant role in the city’s growth.
  2. The city’s nickname, “Magic City,” comes from its rapid growth in the late 1800s.
  3. Billings is the only city in Montana with a population over 100,000.
  4. The city sits at an elevation of 3,123 feet above sea level.
  5. Yellowstone National Park is just a short drive from Billings, making it a popular destination for visitors to the park.
  6. The city is home to Montana State University-Billings, which has over 4,000 students.
  7. The Billings Logan International Airport is the busiest airport in Montana, serving over 800,000 passengers each year.
  8. The Moss Mansion, a historic mansion built in 1903, is a popular attraction in Billings and is open for tours.
  9. The Yellowstone Art Museum features a collection of over 7,000 works of art, including pieces by regional and national artists.
  10. The Billings Symphony Orchestra and Chorale has been entertaining audiences since 1951.
  11. The Western Heritage Center showcases the history and culture of the American West.
  12. Billings has a thriving brewery scene, with over 10 breweries in the city.
  13. The city hosts several annual events, including the MontanaFair, Magic City Blues Festival, and the NILE Rodeo.
  14. Billings was the site of the first high school football game in Montana in 1896.
  15. The city has a network of over 50 miles of trails for biking and hiking.
  16. The Billings Depot, a historic train station built in 1909, has been restored and now hosts events and weddings.
  17. The Yellowstone River flows through Billings and is a popular spot for fishing and water recreation.
  18. Billings is home to the Rimrock Auto Arena, a multi-purpose venue that hosts concerts, sports events, and more.
  19. The city has a diverse food scene, featuring everything from classic American cuisine to international flavors.
  20. The Billings Mustangs, a minor league baseball team, play at Dehler Park and are a popular local sports attraction.

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