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Cheyenne Wyoming Food Scene

When one thinks of Wyoming, images of cowboys and open ranges may come to mind. However, the food scene in Cheyenne, the state’s capital city, offers much more than traditional cowboy fare. From classic steakhouses to modern gastropubs, Cheyenne’s culinary scene has something to offer every palate.

Steakhouses and Barbecue Joints

Cheyenne is home to several classic steakhouses that offer the best of the traditional western cuisine. The Albany, established in 1942, has been serving mouthwatering steaks, prime rib, and seafood for decades. The Little Bear Inn is another long-standing favorite that boasts hand-cut steaks and a cozy, rustic atmosphere.

For those who prefer the tangy and smoky flavor of barbecue, Cheyenne has several excellent options. The Rib and Chop House is a popular spot for fall-off-the-bone ribs and other barbecue classics. The Wyoming Rib and Chop House, on the other hand, offers a more upscale atmosphere and an extensive wine list to pair with their delicious barbecue dishes.

Farm-to-Table and Modern Gastropubs

In recent years, the farm-to-table movement has made its way to Cheyenne, with several restaurants emphasizing locally-sourced ingredients and sustainable practices. The Metropolitan Downtown is one such restaurant, with a menu that changes seasonally and features fresh ingredients from local farms.

The Accomplice Beer Company is a modern gastropub that offers a rotating selection of craft beers and creative dishes made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The pub’s menu ranges from classic pub fare like burgers and wings to more unique options like smoked trout and lamb meatballs.

Ethnic Eats in Cheyenne WY

While Cheyenne may not have the diversity of larger cities, there are still several options for those craving international flavors. The New Mandarin Chinese Restaurant has been serving up traditional Chinese cuisine for over 30 years and is a local favorite. The recently-opened Anong’s Thai Cuisine has quickly become a popular spot for authentic Thai dishes like pad Thai and green curry.

Coffee Shops and Bakeries in Cheyenne WY

For a quick caffeine fix or a sweet treat, Cheyenne has several charming coffee shops and bakeries. The Paramount Cafe, located in a historic building downtown, offers a variety of coffee drinks, sandwiches, and pastries. The Bread Basket Bakery and Cafe is another local favorite, with fresh-baked bread and pastries daily, as well as a lunch menu featuring sandwiches and salads.


While Cheyenne may be known for its cowboy heritage, the city’s food scene offers a variety of options beyond traditional western fare. From classic steakhouses to modern gastropubs, locally-sourced farm-to-table cuisine, and international flavors, Cheyenne has something to offer every palate. Whether you’re a visitor or a local, be sure to explore the city’s culinary scene and indulge in the delicious flavors of Cheyenne.

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