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20 Things To Do In Knoxville Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee, is a vibrant city with a rich history, cultural heritage, and a thriving arts and music scene. Located near the Great Smoky Mountains, Knoxville offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. Here are 20 things to do in Knoxville that you won’t want to miss.

  1. Visit the Knoxville Museum of Art, which features a collection of over 7,000 works of art, including pieces by famous artists like Picasso, Warhol, and O’Keeffe.
  2. Take a stroll through Market Square, a popular gathering spot for locals and visitors alike, featuring restaurants, shops, and a weekly farmers’ market.
  3. Explore the historic Tennessee Theatre, which has hosted performances by legends like Elvis Presley and B.B. King.
  4. See the stunning views of the city from the Sunsphere, a 266-foot-tall tower located in World’s Fair Park that was built for the 1982 World’s Fair.
  5. Learn about the city’s history at the East Tennessee History Center, which features exhibits on the region’s Native American heritage, Civil War history, and more.
  6. Take a walk or bike ride on the Knoxville Greenway, a network of trails that spans over 100 miles and connects parks, neighborhoods, and other points of interest.
  7. Visit the Knoxville Zoo, which features over 800 animals and is one of the top attractions in the region.
  8. Go on a brewery tour and taste some of Knoxville’s best craft beers at local breweries like Pretentious Beer Co. and Alliance Brewing Company.
  9. Attend a concert or show at the Bijou Theatre, a historic venue that has been hosting live performances since 1909.
  10. Explore the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, located just a short drive from Knoxville and offering opportunities for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.
  11. Take a guided walking tour of the Old City, a historic neighborhood that features a mix of art galleries, restaurants, and shops.
  12. Catch a minor league hockey game at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum, home of the Knoxville Ice Bears.
  13. Go kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding on the Tennessee River, which runs through Knoxville and offers scenic views of the city.
  14. Visit the Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum, which features over 2,000 species of plants and trees on 47 acres of land.
  15. Take a day trip to Dollywood, a theme park located in nearby Pigeon Forge that features rides, shows, and other attractions.
  16. Attend the Knoxville Farmers’ Market, which offers fresh produce, baked goods, and other locally-made products.
  17. Explore the Knoxville Urban Wilderness, a 1,000-acre nature preserve located within the city limits that offers hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities.
  18. Visit the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, which honors the achievements of female basketball players and coaches.
  19. Go on a food tour and taste some of Knoxville’s best local cuisine, including southern-style barbecue and soul food.
  20. Attend the annual Dogwood Arts Festival, which celebrates the blooming of the dogwood trees each spring and features art exhibits, live music, and other cultural events.

In conclusion, Knoxville, Tennessee, offers a wealth of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. From exploring the city’s rich history and cultural heritage to experiencing its vibrant arts and music scene, there’s something for everyone in Knoxville.

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