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20 Things To Do In Oshkosh Wisconsin`

Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is a delightful city located in the heart of the Midwest. With its charming small-town atmosphere, rich history, and abundance of natural beauty, Oshkosh has a lot to offer visitors and locals alike. Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, or just looking for a fun getaway, there’s something for everyone in Oshkosh. Here are 20 things to do in this delightful city:

  1. Visit the EAA Aviation Museum: Explore the history of aviation and see over 200 aircraft at this fascinating museum.
  2. Attend the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh: This famous airshow is the largest in the world and attracts aviation enthusiasts from around the globe.
  3. Take a stroll through the Paine Art Center and Gardens: Admire the stunning art collection and beautiful gardens at this 20-room mansion.
  4. Explore the Oshkosh Public Museum: Learn about the city’s history and see over 300,000 artifacts at this fascinating museum.
  5. Go for a hike at Menominee Park: Enjoy the natural beauty of the park and its trails, which offer stunning views of Lake Winnebago.
  6. Visit the Grand Opera House: Catch a live performance at this historic theater, which dates back to 1883.
  7. Attend a concert or event at the Menominee Nation Arena: This state-of-the-art venue hosts a variety of entertainment throughout the year.
  8. Take a tour of the Oshkosh Brewery: Learn about the history of brewing in Oshkosh and sample some delicious beer.
  9. Go on a fishing excursion: Lake Winnebago is a popular spot for fishing, and there are plenty of charter companies that offer guided tours.
  10. Attend the Oshkosh Farmers’ Market: Sample fresh produce and products from over 140 vendors at one of the largest farmers’ markets in the state.
  11. Visit the Oshkosh Public Library: Browse the extensive collection of books and other materials at this beautiful historic building.
  12. Go ice skating at the Oshkosh Community YMCA: Enjoy a fun day of ice skating at this popular community center.
  13. Take a bike ride along the Wiouwash State Trail: This 22-mile trail runs from Oshkosh to Hortonville and offers scenic views of the countryside.
  14. Play a round of golf at the Oshkosh Country Club: This private course has been a favorite among golfers since it was established in 1899.
  15. Attend a performance by the Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra: Enjoy beautiful music performed by this community orchestra.
  16. Visit the Menominee Park Zoo: See over 50 animals, including lions, tigers, and bears, at this small zoo.
  17. Take a tour of the Oshkosh Corporation: Learn about the world’s largest manufacturer of specialty vehicles and see the production process up close.
  18. Go kayaking or canoeing on the Fox River: Enjoy a leisurely paddle along the scenic Fox River.
  19. Attend a performance by the Oshkosh Area Community Band: This volunteer group performs free concerts throughout the summer.
  20. Visit the Oshkosh Area Humane Society: Meet some furry friends and support a good cause at one of the oldest animal shelters in the state.

With so much to see and do in Oshkosh, you’ll never run out of things to do. From historic theaters and museums to beautiful parks and trails, there’s something for everyone. Plan your visit today and experience all that this charming city has to offer.

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